Shopping for men can sometimes be challenging. It’s not that they are more particular necessarily, so much as the fact that they aren’t as likely as women to express what they like or even drop any hints. That may create the need for a little bit of sleuthing. Think about food and beverages, hobbies and interests, or things he would enjoy, but not likely get for himself.

Treat His Tummy
It has long been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Traditionally that was a message to women that if they wanted to land a husband, they needed to learn to cook. The truth is, food is often used as an expression of love, but you don’t always have to make it yourself. The key is to treat him to something HE loves. Put together a box of his favorite snacks from companies like Better MadeGermackGreat Lakes Potato ChipKalamazoo Kettlecorn, or Paul’s Gourmet Jerky. Alternatively, let him sleep in and share breakfast in bed with help from Jiffy MixDetroit Jamz, and Biggby.

Cocktails and Craft Brews
Food is only a portion of what can make for a palate pleaser. How about a six-pack of his favorite local brew and some craft beer mix from Ferris Coffee & Nut? Not sure what his favorite is, or he likes to experiment? Many shops will let you put together a six mix of different single bottles, or you can take him to a brewery to try a flight. If he is a true beer aficionado, a Michigan Brewer’s Build Enthusiast Membership is just the ticket. Perhaps your guy is a bigger fan of craft cocktails than craft brews. Then pair some Coppercraft or Two James bottles with McClary Bros. drinking vinegars, or try a tasting at Grand TraverseJourneyman, or Detroit City Distillery.

Gift the Unexpected
Body products and jewelry are more commonly given to women at this time of year, but there are many masculine options on the market these days. He may not even know that Beard Butter exists, but it can help keep his facial hair healthy and styled. If he likes an oil more than a balm, check out Finding the Trail Home Brewed Soaps for either option. Rebel Nell has a line of graffiti jewelry specifically for men, including dog tags, cuff links, and tie clips, and HOMES Bracelets, which includes stones from the Great Lakes shores in its designs, can work just as well for men as they do women.

Pass Him a Pageturner
If your man loves to read, then you’ll find no shortage of books by Michigan authors to suit his style. Ironcroft and Buttonwood Press feature some locally-themed mysteries. Travelers will enjoy either or both of the Under the Radar Michigan books, which are based on the TV series. The Painted Turtle imprint from Wayne State University Press features a lot of local interest and historically relevant options.

Enhance His Wardrobe
Whether he is a sportsman, nerd, or homebody, there is an apparel company in the state that has something he will love. Turn to The Michigan Outfitter for the hunter, hiker, or camper.  Tee See Tee proudly celebrate pop culture including Star Wars and gaming-inspired tees. Detroit Shirt Company prides itself on quality, comfy attire.

Indulge the Outdoorsman 
One of the greatest aspects of living in Michigan is the opportunity to continually explore and revel in the great outdoors. If your guy cherishes those opportunities, here are some terrific options. A Stormy Kromer cap will show how much you care about his comfort, especially when a polar vortex rears its head. Eppinger makes a wide variety of captivating fishing lures. A Skyline Hammock can make an open air nap possible almost anywhere, and if he loves to grill, but hates lugging a barbecue around, this portable campfire gem from Call of the Yooper will be a welcome addition to his outdoor gear.

Whether you spend five dollars on him or five hundred, choose something that you know will make him smile. It will get your celebration off to a great start.

Author: Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, avid traveler, and founder of The Catalyst Company, LLC, Michigan Positivity Project, and Buy Michigan Now.