10 adventures to do with dad

I recently lost my father. He lived to a ripe old age of 86, and yet, in the end, his passing came quickly, and caught my brother and I a bit by surprise. Fortunately, my dad and I had spent more time alone together since my mom left us a year earlier. We had in depth conversations

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10 places in Michigan everyone should visit at least once

There’s a new year upon us, which presents an opportunity for some exciting travel goals. Fortunately, Michigan is a state that is ripe with opportunity. Whether you live in the state and want to go exploring, or are traveling from afar, these unique destinations are so spectacular, they should be on any traveler’s bucket list. Here are

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29th Annual “Michigan Fun” Convention

This annual event brings together professionals in the event industry from throughout the state. It includes learning sessions, a trade show, silent auction, and entertaining activities to make networking fun as well as productive.

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Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism

The Pure Michigan Governor’s Conference on Tourism is the state’s premier event to bring together industry professionals and provide meaningful opportunities to discuss timely issues, learn about the latest trends and changes in the industry, and provide an update on what is happening with the efforts of MEDC's Pure Michigan campaign.

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Michigan’s 8 notable wine trails

May is Michigan Wine Month and a great time to explore the budding greenery of the countryside. Why not pair your weekend retreat with some fine wine? Michigan’s flourishing grape industry is not only producing more award-winning wines than ever before, it has sprouted a booming addition to our tourism industry. While wineries and tasting rooms can

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9 epic ways to enjoy Holland, Michigan

There are few floral spectacles across the state that rival the beauty of Holland, Michigan during Tulip Time. The annual festival celebrates not only one of spring’s most magnificent blooms, but the Dutch heritage of the region. The festival will look a little different this year, given the pandemic, but there is still plenty of fun to

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Exploring Michigan’s least known scenic byway

It’s a strange thing to experience cabin fever in the summer, and yet, in this most unusual of years, many people have. If you’re among them then perhaps it’s time to hit the road. How about exploring one of our state’s lesser known scenic byways? The River Road National Scenic Byway is a 22-mile stretch between the

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Planning the perfect Northern Michigan girls getaway

Stock up on snacks, pick a meeting place, fill the tank, and hit the road. There are few things I enjoy more than a road trip, especially when it involves some of my favorite people. Such was the case recently, when my high school friends and I headed up north for a long overdue winetasting weekend. Winter

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Michigan’s best elk viewing experience

Most kids love a trip to the zoo, but it’s sometimes a little less fun in the winter months Michigan. Many of the animals are keeping warm indoors, so parents may have to get a little creative with their animal viewing opportunities. Consider a trip to Thunder Bay Resort in Hillman, Michigan for an enchanting Elk experience. Much of

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Best ways to celebrate Michigan wine month

While much of the libation attention in the state in recent years has been on the enormous growth in popularity and quality of the craft beer industry, our wineries have earned high acclaim as well. For example, earlier this year, Wine Enthusiast magazine chose Michigan as the only U.S. state on its global list of “Wine Regions

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Michigan company aims to give the American dream a boost

There are few things in life more exciting than buying your own home, planning your wedding, driving your fancy new car, or traveling to an exotic locale that you’ve always wanted to visit. There are also few things that wreak more havoc on one’s budget than paying for big dreams like those. Fortunately one Michigan company has

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