(Livonia, November 15, 2019) – Billions of dollars are spent during the holiday season each year. Consequently, Buy Michigan Now, a campaign designed to restore Michigan’s economy, urges residents to think before they spend. In essence, how and where we do our holiday shopping can really shape Michigan’s economy. To increase local spending, the campaign released its 2019 Holiday Gift Guide. It is viewable from the homepage at www.BuyMichiganNow.com.

“Most of us spend more money between now and the end of the year, than at any other time,” said Buy Michigan Now founder, Lisa Diggs. “So imagine the economic impact we can make in our state, if we keep more of those dollars close to home.”

Gift Guide History

This is the thirteenth edition of the gift guide. The first version was a simple pdf file that had just 25 gift ideas. Plus, there was a modest list of Michigan-based retailers and restaurants. Lastly, it included and a grocery list of local brands to serve over the holidays. Today, the website has a searchable directory of Michigan-based businesses and a Grocery Guide year-round. Now, it also features its biggest Holiday Gift Guide to date, with 160 ideas across twenty different categories.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Users of the gift guide will find a dropdown menu of categories with eight items listed in each. Clicking on an item will take the visitor to a Michigan-based company’s website. There they can learn more and/or purchase the item. They may also find additional gift ideas from each of these companies.

“So many incredible products are being made here in Michigan. We hope that people will choose to purchase some of the specific items we have highlighted, but our main goal is just to encourage people to shop locally this season. That means both in regard to the products they purchase, and the companies from which they buy them,” said Diggs.

Buy Michigan Now is funded by Michigan-based organizations that become paying members and sponsors. All Michigan-based businesses are invited to join the campaign.

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Author: bmnadmin