Best ways to view Michigan’s fall color from up above.

There are so many ways to enjoy fall leaves in Michigan. Take a walk through the woods, and smile as a leaf picks that moment to drop in front of you. Drive one of our many winding roads and marvel at the colors as they run alongside. Occasionally you’ll happen upon an open area where the palette

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Michigan’s best family-friendly Halloween destinations

A great animated film delights the kids, with plenty of other elements that parents can enjoy as well. These Halloween events are in that same vein. The scare level is low enough that your kids can sleep at night, but they, and you, will have plenty of fun at Michigan’s best family-friendly Halloween destinations. Hallowe’en at Greenfield

Michigan’s best family-friendly Halloween destinations2021-10-01T14:05:05-04:00

Sojourner Truth – what a woman she was

Michigan is home to many notable individuals, men and women, of all ages. One woman in particular was not only important to our state, but also to the entire nation. She was so remarkable that she was inducted into both the National Women’s Hall of Fame and the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame. Sojourner Truth was an

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8 pumpkin products products you’ll love

At this time of year, you can find them for sale around nearly every corner. That’s because we love Halloween, but also because Michigan farmers grow nearly 80 million pounds of pumpkins each year. You can carve them, roast the seeds, toss some in a smoothie, make soup, and a myriad of other things. Of course, lots

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10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown

When travelers cross the Ambassador Bridge into the United States, they land immediately in Mexicantown. I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit amusing. Can’t help but wonder if it has ever confused anyone to be greeted by Mexican flags when entering the U.S. Unfortunately, these days, there are less people crossing that border.

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Teacher creates game app to improve test scores

Love them or hate them, standardized tests play a critical role in the American educational system, and consequently, in the life of each student. Tests often determine funding, which in turn has an impact on every student. Of course, exam scores always play a huge factor in grades. Coupling those grades with ACT or SAT scores can

Teacher creates game app to improve test scores2021-09-03T19:28:50-04:00

How the Mackinac Bridge was built

I took a drive up to Mackinaw City this past weekend. Along the way I saw numerous signs warning travelers that the Mackinac Bridge would be closed on Labor Day from 6:30am to 12:00 pm for the bridge walk. Not only that, but I was able to cross the bridge four times that weekend. It made me

How the Mackinac Bridge was built2021-09-03T07:19:54-04:00

What can YOU do to revitalize Michigan’s economy?

Our state, like most of the world, is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic both from a health perspective and an economic one. Many small businesses in particular have been devastated by closures, supply chain issues, and ongoing employment challenges. With so many global events affecting us, it can feel like there isn’t much that

What can YOU do to revitalize Michigan’s economy?2021-08-03T11:32:31-04:00

Don’t miss Marquette’s unique junkyard art park

There’s often a debate over whether or not one person can really make a difference. That question has been solved with a resounding yes when it comes to a roadside attraction near Marquette. With just a simple idea, and a fair amount of land, Tom Lakenen has been able to create lifelong memories for passing travelers, as

Don’t miss Marquette’s unique junkyard art park2021-08-03T10:03:37-04:00

Could Dan Seavey be the meanest pirate on the Great Lakes?

Though pirates are criminals, usually quite brutal and violent, their lives are often studied, esteemed, and shown as an exciting lifestyle in many stories and Hollywood movies, from Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time to Captain Jack Sparrow. Many of the well-known pirates sailed tropical seas, but the Great Lakes has had their fair share of

Could Dan Seavey be the meanest pirate on the Great Lakes?2021-08-03T01:34:28-04:00

Cherry products that foodies will adore

They say life is like a bowl of cherries. I’m not sure what that means in other places, but here in Michigan, if your life is well represented by a bowl of cherries then it must be pretty darn good. Cherries are spectacular for our economy, and of course they are exceptionally tasty, which is why they

Cherry products that foodies will adore2021-08-02T21:46:48-04:00

12 things to do in Michigan in August 2021

Vehicles, music, foods, even the wild and wacky, take center stage this month around the state. Get your summer fun on at some of these intriguing events. Here are our 12 things to do in Michigan in August 2021. July 30-August 8 Coast Guard Festival – Grand Haven Of all the summer festivals, this is one of

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One Thirty Eight Cocktail Lounge

The aptly named One Thirty Eight Cocktail Lounge has opened at 138 W. Third St. in Harbor Springs.  The lounge offers an assortment of classic and modern cocktails, along with beer options, ranging from nostalgic domestic brands to craft labels, and wines. The food menu is focused on small bites and shareables. Examples include bleu cheese-stuffed olives

One Thirty Eight Cocktail Lounge2021-08-01T00:23:50-04:00

Milk & Froth

Starting as a local ice cream truck in 2019, Milk & Froth, an ice cream shop is a cool new addition to Detroit's summer. The scoop shop will be serving up both vegan and classic ice cream options daily moving from the truck into its first brick-and-mortar at 535 Griswold Street.

Milk & Froth2021-08-01T00:45:41-04:00

Motor City Brewing Works

Detroit's oldest operating microbrewery has added a new location on the Avenue of Fashion in Detroit. In addition to a range of craft brews, like the popular Ghettoblaster, the new space features casual fare. It's located at 19350 Livernois Avenue.

Motor City Brewing Works2021-08-01T00:33:19-04:00

Charlie’s Candy Barrel

Charlie’s Candy Barrel features a large variety of candy, over 200 different flavors of pop in glass bottles, and gag gifts. The owner's intent is to spread joy. Like a good old fashioned sweets shop, customers can purchase the candy for 15 cents each or $8.99 for a bag filled with candy of the customer’s choosing. Visit

Charlie’s Candy Barrel2021-08-01T00:40:13-04:00

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip

Summer wouldn’t be the same without indulging in some sweet, cold, creamy, decadent treats, but how far would you go to satisfy a craving for creamy, dreamy, greatness? Whether you prefer a cup or a cone, vanilla or chocolate, toppings or plain, these little shops are waiting to delight you, and they are worthy of a road

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip2021-07-08T12:46:52-04:00

Kresge increases ongoing financial support for local artists

Since 2008, Kresge Arts in Detroit has awarded more than $6.7 million through 13 Kresge Eminent Artist Awards, 238 Kresge Artist fellowships, and 32 Gilda Awards. Last year, in recognition of the impact of COVID-19 to the arts community, Kresge expanded funding to support two additional Kresge Artist Fellows, for a total of 20 annual fellowships, and

Kresge increases ongoing financial support for local artists2021-07-07T18:29:54-04:00

12 things to do in Michigan in July 2021

Our state has reopened and many of our favorite events are back. Summer hits full swing this month with fireworks, parades, and plenty of beach time. Here are our 12 things to do in Michigan in July 2021. July 9-11 Blake’s Lavender Festival – Armada It’s lavender season and it smells so good! Take a tranquility break

12 things to do in Michigan in July 20212021-08-24T21:42:12-04:00

Was there once a king of Beaver Island?

Beaver Island is the third largest island in Michigan and has been a popular vacation tourist destination since the 1860s. It is well known for its beautiful beaches, awesome forests, recreational harbors and its isolation from the mainland. In addition to this, did you know that it has a colorful and unique history? This is especially true

Was there once a king of Beaver Island?2021-07-24T12:02:55-04:00

The Beer Exchange

One of Kalamazoo's most unique bar concepts has opened a new location in Detroit. Beer Exchange 1260 Washington Blvd. At The Beer Exchange guests set the beer prices based on the principle of supply and demand. The interactive drinking environment is complemented by a menu of comfort food and plant-based alternatives.

The Beer Exchange2021-08-01T00:03:46-04:00
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