Serve Michigan goodness for Thanksgiving

If you’re going to find yourself in a grocery store buying food to entertain family and friends this month, you are certainly not alone. Most of us tend to eat more during the holiday season, so it stands to reason more money will be spent on food and beverages. An upside to all of that indulgence is

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12 things to do in Michigan in November

As fall colors fade, this month presents a lot of opportunities to walk a popular trail, stroll an empty beach, and enjoy the quiet moments before the skiers and snowmobilers come out in throngs. Fun awaits at our 12 things to do in Michigan in November. Nov 1-5 Eight Nights – Detroit This is an important time

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Michigan holiday markets you’ll love

Maybe it’s because I grew up near an outdoor shopping mall that featured a Salvation Army band playing every Christmas, not just a bell ringer, but I love an open-air holiday market. One of the best ways to find creative gift ideas is to shop pop-up markets filled with local goods. Plus, the brisk air, hot drinks,

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10 memorable ways to kick off the Christmas season

Each year, Santa seems to start visiting towns earlier and earlier, but this time I’m happy about it. If you are too, and want to start harnessing the Christmas spirit, attend a November celebration. Your own community may be hosting a sing-along, tree or street lighting, or a parade, but if not, these are some of the

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The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills

To most locals, it simply isn’t fall in Michigan until we’ve visited a cider mill. Of course that unbeatable combination of cider and donuts is a huge part of the draw, but I think it’s more than that. There is something about the setting as well, that nourishes our souls while the other stuff fills our bellies.

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Everyone should experience fall on the Keweenaw

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the country and enjoy autumn. There’s the brilliant gold of the Aspens in the Rockies. You can watch the morning mist reveal a cornucopia of color in the Smokey Mountains, or drive through an abundance of beauty in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. All are incredible, but no autumn destination

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Best ways to view Michigan’s fall color from up above

There are so many ways to enjoy fall leaves in Michigan. Take a walk through the woods, and smile as a leaf picks that moment to drop in front of you. Drive one of our many winding roads and marvel at the colors as they run alongside. Occasionally you’ll happen upon an open area where the palette

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12 things to do in Michigan in December

Not surprisingly, our 12 things to do in Michigan in December, includes a lot of holiday-themed events, and also other uniquely Michigan fun. Dec 1-Dec 3 Cirque Dreams Holidaze – Detroit What do you get when you mix a Broadway show with a circus, then sprinkle it with the holiday season? It's hard to imagine, but this

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12 things to do in Michigan in October

Pumpkins are filling patches, apples are filling trees, so it’s time for our 12 things to do in Michigan in October. This month is a treasure trove of fall splendor. Oct 1-31 (weekdays only) The Hunt for Reds of October – Leelanau Peninsula What a wonderful time of year it is to soak up yellow, orange, and

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10 awesome Michigan Halloween traditions

The year’s cookiest holiday is becoming more and more popular. Each year, new ideas, décor, and attractions arise. However, most of these uniquely opportunities have been around for decades. Have some harvest family fun, or get your spook on, with these awesome Michigan Halloween traditions. Pick Pumpkins from a Patch Whether you’re decorating the whole house for

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12 things to do in Michigan in September

Kids are heading back to school. Cider mills are opening for the season. The lush greens of summer are just beginning to make way for fall color. This month is filled with fun activities that embrace one season or the other. Here are our 12 things to do in Michigan in September 2023. September 8-10 Arts &

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Best places to see a Broadway show in Michigan this season

There is nothing quite like live theater. The performers and the audience share in an experience that is uniquely their own during each performance. This month marks the start of the Broadway season, not just in New York City, but across the great state of Michigan. Here are the best places to a Broadway show in Michigan.

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2023 Best Oktoberfests in Michigan

It may seem counterintuitive, but most Oktoberfests are actually held in September, in keeping with German tradition. The original fest in Munich was a wedding celebration that took place over five days in October 1810, hence the name. It was so much fun that it became an annual tradition, which grew in size and length. Eventually they

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Where to taste Michigan’s best hard ciders

As trips to beaches give way to cider mill visits, the craving for the fruits of one of Michigan’s fastest growing industries naturally increases. In recent years, hard cider has become a quintessential component of our craft beverage industry. Stop by a hard cider tasting room, and you'll find it's just as much fun as seeking out

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Celebrate Buy Michigan Week July 31 – August 6

We'd like to thank Governor Whitmer for continuing a tradition that dates back to 2009, and proclaiming July 31 - August 6, 2023 as Buy Michigan Week. It's no surprise that around here, we believe every day is a Buy Michigan day, but we also believe strongly in the value of dedicating a specific week to it

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12 things to do in Michigan in August

The state’s harvest is in full swing this month, and there are plenty of events that offer scrumptious tasting opportunities. That, and good old fashioned summer fun. For your consideration, here are our 12 things to do in Michigan in August 2023. August 4-6 Buy Michigan Now Festival – Northville We’re starting our list close to home.

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St Julian uncorks top honors at Governor’s Cup

Home to over 140 wineries, it stands to reason that Michigan deserves to have its own wine competition once again. Last month the Michigan Wine Collaborative (MWC), in partnership with the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) launched the inaugural Michigan Governor’s Cup wine competition. Out of 300 entries from 46 wineries around the state, St. Julian scored uncorked

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Cherry products that you’ll adore

Cherries are in season! It's a great time to think about all the incredibly delicious and unique ways our state has found to incorporate them into food and drink. This fruit is not only spectacular for our economy, it's also exceptionally tasty and diverse. You'll find them in a wide  range of scrumptious products from savory to

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12 things to do in Michigan in July

The smoke has finally cleared and it’s time to get back outside. Fun events are around every corner, and here are some of the state’s best in our 12 things to do in Michigan in July 2023. July 1-8 National Cherry Festival – Traverse City It’s time for the biggest party of the year in our nation’s

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New York changes Michigan’s future forever

It’s crazy to think about it, but one of the most critical events in the history and settlement of Michigan didn’t even happen within the state. On July 4 of 1817, construction started on a crucial waterway. The Erie Canal, affectionately known now as The Nation’s First Superhighway, opened up the west, accelerating the region's settlement and

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Hop aboard a Michigan boat

They say the best thing isn't owning a boat, it's having a friend who does. Whether you are that friend, or just someone who longs to spend summer hours out on the water, it’s time to hop aboard a Michigan boat. Luckily, there are some incredible options. Tall Ships There are few sights more majestic on a

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Calling all Michigan-based authors

The Buy Michigan Now Festival is returning to Downtown Northville Aug 4-6, 2023. In keeping with tradition, the event offers Michigan-based authors an opportunity to sign and sell books. Traditionally, over the course of the weekend, 25-30,000 people attend this upbeat celebration of Buy Michigan Week. BMNFest Writers selected to participate will be provided with a sheltered

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