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10 ways to celebrate Michigan Wine Month

The merry month of May brings us daffodils and tulips, warm nights that hint of summer, and an excuse to sip and savor local wine. It’s Michigan wine month and we’ve got lots of ideas on how to celebrate. Host a Michigan Wine Dinner If you love to entertain then this is a wonderful theme. Design a

10 ways to celebrate Michigan Wine Month2024-05-02T01:05:48-04:00

Serve Michigan goodness for Thanksgiving

If you’re going to find yourself in a grocery store buying food to entertain family and friends this month, you are certainly not alone. Most of us tend to eat more during the holiday season, so it stands to reason more money will be spent on food and beverages. An upside to all of that indulgence is

Serve Michigan goodness for Thanksgiving2023-11-03T12:12:40-04:00

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills

To most locals, it simply isn’t fall in Michigan until we’ve visited a cider mill. Of course that unbeatable combination of cider and donuts is a huge part of the draw, but I think it’s more than that. There is something about the setting as well, that nourishes our souls while the other stuff fills our bellies.

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills2023-10-05T22:50:30-04:00

2023 Best Oktoberfests in Michigan

It may seem counterintuitive, but most Oktoberfests are actually held in September, in keeping with German tradition. The original fest in Munich was a wedding celebration that took place over five days in October 1810, hence the name. It was so much fun that it became an annual tradition, which grew in size and length. Eventually they

2023 Best Oktoberfests in Michigan2023-09-08T07:38:18-04:00

Where to taste Michigan’s best hard ciders

As trips to beaches give way to cider mill visits, the craving for the fruits of one of Michigan’s fastest growing industries naturally increases. In recent years, hard cider has become a quintessential component of our craft beverage industry. Stop by a hard cider tasting room, and you'll find it's just as much fun as seeking out

Where to taste Michigan’s best hard ciders2023-09-08T08:19:46-04:00

St Julian uncorks top honors at Governor’s Cup

Home to over 140 wineries, it stands to reason that Michigan deserves to have its own wine competition once again. Last month the Michigan Wine Collaborative (MWC), in partnership with the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) launched the inaugural Michigan Governor’s Cup wine competition. Out of 300 entries from 46 wineries around the state, St. Julian scored uncorked

St Julian uncorks top honors at Governor’s Cup2023-07-06T23:13:40-04:00

Cherry products that you’ll adore

Cherries are in season! It's a great time to think about all the incredibly delicious and unique ways our state has found to incorporate them into food and drink. This fruit is not only spectacular for our economy, it's also exceptionally tasty and diverse. You'll find them in a wide  range of scrumptious products from savory to

Cherry products that you’ll adore2023-07-05T16:04:04-04:00

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show

On the surface, the MSU Product Center’s annual Making It In Michigan conference and trade show may seem like an event that is just for people with agricultural-based businesses to attend. Yet, the trade show is actually one of the state’s best kept secrets for foodies and entrepreneurs of any ilk. Where else can you get a

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show2023-05-01T13:07:56-04:00

5 beer releases that will make you ready for spring

Snow is melting. Waterfalls are thawing. Maple sap is flowing. These are all among the many joys of springtime in Michigan. As the weather warms many beer drinkers find their tastes moving away from the brown ales, stouts, and porters of winter and toward the wheat and fruit that transitions us into summer. These 5 delectable spring

5 beer releases that will make you ready for spring2023-04-07T11:56:17-04:00

Warm your winter with Michigan’s best porters and stouts

Longer, darker days seem to be a good time to enjoy slow-sipping darker beers like porters and stouts. Winter is less about an ice cold, refreshing beer, and more about coziness and comfort. Fear not, even a novice beer drinker can likely find a porter or stout they will enjoy. We’ve identified some of Michigan’s best porters

Warm your winter with Michigan’s best porters and stouts2023-01-06T14:53:56-05:00

8 great ways to celebrate Michigan Wine Month

May has been proclaimed Michigan Wine Month by Governor Gretchen Whitmer. According to the official proclamation, Michigan's wine and wine grape industry contributes $5.4 billion in economic impact. That includes a whopping $253 million in tourism spending. It also supports more than 47,000 jobs. That makes it an industry worth honoring, and let’s face it, there are

8 great ways to celebrate Michigan Wine Month2022-05-01T14:25:17-04:00

8 pumpkin products products you’ll love

At this time of year, you can find them for sale around nearly every corner. That’s because we love Halloween, but also because Michigan farmers grow nearly 80 million pounds of pumpkins each year. You can carve them, roast the seeds, toss some in a smoothie, make soup, and a myriad of other things. Of course, lots

8 pumpkin products products you’ll love2021-10-01T08:07:27-04:00

Refreshing seltzers of summer

Spiked seltzer is now a rapidly growing industry, and Michigan companies are serving up some unique additions to the segment this year. This relatively new addition to the beverage scene really took off in 2019 when sales of hard seltzer surpassed $1 billion for the first time, which was an increase of nearly 200% compared to the

Refreshing seltzers of summer2021-06-11T08:00:02-04:00

Canned mixed spirits are about to get more accessible

Capitalizing on a growing trend in the beverage industry, Long Road Distillers released a line-up of three canned craft cocktails in August of last year. At the time, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers, Kyle VanStrien, remarked, “We’re excited to bring some of our favorites to market, and we look forward to expanding offerings and distribution

Canned mixed spirits are about to get more accessible2021-07-27T08:26:25-04:00

Michigan’s 8 notable wine trails

May is Michigan Wine Month and a great time to explore the budding greenery of the countryside. Why not pair your weekend retreat with some fine wine? Michigan’s flourishing grape industry is not only producing more award-winning wines than ever before, it has sprouted a booming addition to our tourism industry. While wineries and tasting rooms can

Michigan’s 8 notable wine trails2021-05-07T12:25:15-04:00

Sip and save in the Grand Rapids craft beverage scene

Grand Rapids first made a splash on the craft beverage scene when it was voted Beer City USA in national polls and named Best Beer Town and Best Beer Scene by USA TODAY readers. Nowadays there’s a lot more than just craft beer on tap in its culinary scene. Cider, spirits, and the cocktail creations they inspire, have led to even

Sip and save in the Grand Rapids craft beverage scene2020-10-03T12:26:17-04:00

Winetasting in the age of COVID

Traditionally this is a wonderful time of year to make a visit to your favorite winery, or explore a wine trail, and this year is no exception. Grapes are ripening, the air is getting crisper, leaves are starting to change color…oh, and there’s wine! However, COVID-19 has changed the usual procedures so it’s best to prepare and

Winetasting in the age of COVID2020-09-03T13:20:24-04:00

Try these sippin’ samplers of summer

As the mercury rises so does our level of thirst, and sometimes an ice water just won't do the trick. Prepare for those moments when flavor takes precedence and an adult beverage is just the ticket by picking up one of these refreshing variety packs. Each provides some spectacular flavor profiles, and an opportunity to figure out

Try these sippin’ samplers of summer2020-06-10T17:57:34-04:00

10 gifts that will make your dad’s day

June means it’s time to turn our attention toward the contribution of the dads and father figures in our lives. These days, when many of us have had to be apart, this holiday has some extra significance. It is also a more important year than ever to thank your dad with gifts that keep dollars close to

10 gifts that will make your dad’s day2020-06-10T16:31:05-04:00

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will take a toll on our economy, but we can work together to minimize the negative impact. Place carryout orders from local restaurants One of the easiest ways to help, and let’s face it, give yourself a break too, is to pick up a curbside carry-out from your favorite

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times2020-04-22T16:07:17-04:00

Bell’s releases highly anticipated Light Hearted Ale

With Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra Light, and Miller Lite, consistently topping the list for best-selling beers in the nation, it’s obvious that Americans would rather just reduce some calories than give up their beer all together…but what about taste? For many ale aficionados, losing those calories also means losing some of the complexity and flavor,

Bell’s releases highly anticipated Light Hearted Ale2020-03-04T13:40:37-05:00

Black Star Farms Earns 2 Best of Class titles at national wine competition

The 13th American Fine Wine Competition is in the books and the Best of Class list includes not one, but two entries from Black Star Farms out of Suttons Bay. The winery’s 2017 Arcturos Sauvignon Blanc captured top honors, and its 2017 Semi Dry Riesling maintained the top spot for the second year in a row. Black

Black Star Farms Earns 2 Best of Class titles at national wine competition2020-03-04T13:43:18-05:00

Michigan’s Super Bowl super foods

They say that Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving when it comes to food consumption in a single day in America. That means a lot of dollars being spent, and whether placing an order, or relying on grocery stores, there are plenty of ways to keep things simple and local for the big game. Popcorn

Michigan’s Super Bowl super foods2020-03-04T13:51:47-05:00
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