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Tawas Point Lighthouse shining brightly again

Whenever I find myself traveling north along the Lake Huron shoreline, I find it nearly impossible not to stop and admire the Tawas Point Lighthouse, especially if I've got time to climb up for the incredible view. The structure itself has become quite weathered by time. Fortunately, a recently completed restoration project is bringing back the shine

Tawas Point Lighthouse shining brightly again2024-05-02T02:16:41-04:00

Michigan’s best paczki destinations

In some places Fat Tuesday is also known as Mardi Gras, but here in Michigan, it is more widely nicknamed Paczki Day. Once common only in the Detroit area, particularly in Hamtramck, the tradition has caught on around the state, and this year will be celebrated on February 13. Place orders in advance, or risk standing in

Michigan’s best paczki destinations2024-02-01T14:59:54-05:00

Porcupine Mountains Artist-in-Residence Program seeking applications

Anyone who has ever visited the Porcupine Mountains has likely been a little inspired. Some of us feel a desire to travel more. Others wish to slow life down. One or two may even reflect upon their place in the world. Then there are those with an artistic passion, for whom a visit sparks immense productivity. Are

Porcupine Mountains Artist-in-Residence Program seeking applications2024-02-03T15:07:25-05:00

2024 fee free days at our national parks

One of our nation’s greatest treasures is our national parks system. These federally protected lands are filled with unrivaled beauty and an abundance of recreational opportunities. While well worth it, accessing these parks can be a tad pricey, ranging from $25 per vehicle for a one-time visit to $80 a person for an annual pass to access

2024 fee free days at our national parks2024-02-03T16:32:39-05:00

10 memorable ways to kick off the Christmas season

Each year, Santa seems to start visiting towns earlier and earlier, but this time I’m happy about it. If you are too, and want to start harnessing the Christmas spirit, attend a November celebration. Your own community may be hosting a sing-along, tree or street lighting, or a parade, but if not, these are some of the

10 memorable ways to kick off the Christmas season2023-11-03T09:12:47-04:00

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills

To most locals, it simply isn’t fall in Michigan until we’ve visited a cider mill. Of course that unbeatable combination of cider and donuts is a huge part of the draw, but I think it’s more than that. There is something about the setting as well, that nourishes our souls while the other stuff fills our bellies.

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills2023-10-05T22:50:30-04:00

10 awesome Michigan Halloween traditions

The year’s cookiest holiday is becoming more and more popular. Each year, new ideas, décor, and attractions arise. However, most of these uniquely opportunities have been around for decades. Have some harvest family fun, or get your spook on, with these awesome Michigan Halloween traditions. Pick Pumpkins from a Patch Whether you’re decorating the whole house for

10 awesome Michigan Halloween traditions2023-09-29T08:59:28-04:00

2023 Best Oktoberfests in Michigan

It may seem counterintuitive, but most Oktoberfests are actually held in September, in keeping with German tradition. The original fest in Munich was a wedding celebration that took place over five days in October 1810, hence the name. It was so much fun that it became an annual tradition, which grew in size and length. Eventually they

2023 Best Oktoberfests in Michigan2023-09-08T07:38:18-04:00

Hop aboard a Michigan boat

They say the best thing isn't owning a boat, it's having a friend who does. Whether you are that friend, or just someone who longs to spend summer hours out on the water, it’s time to hop aboard a Michigan boat. Luckily, there are some incredible options. Tall Ships There are few sights more majestic on a

Hop aboard a Michigan boat2023-06-01T16:34:59-04:00

Calling all Michigan-based authors

The Buy Michigan Now Festival is returning to Downtown Northville Aug 4-6, 2023. In keeping with tradition, the event offers Michigan-based authors an opportunity to sign and sell books. Traditionally, over the course of the weekend, 25-30,000 people attend this upbeat celebration of Buy Michigan Week. BMNFest Writers selected to participate will be provided with a sheltered

Calling all Michigan-based authors2023-07-05T11:48:03-04:00

Melrose Township Becomes Michigan’s 5th Monarch City USA

Earlier this month, Melrose Township (Walloon Lake) was named a Monarch City USA – just the fifth such community in Michigan and the fourth in northern Michigan. It joined Highland, Boyne City, Kalkaska and Elk Rapids. These communities pledge to provide environments and native areas for pollinator plants to grow wild, thus feeding and protecting monarchs and

Melrose Township Becomes Michigan’s 5th Monarch City USA2023-05-31T18:58:47-04:00

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show

On the surface, the MSU Product Center’s annual Making It In Michigan conference and trade show may seem like an event that is just for people with agricultural-based businesses to attend. Yet, the trade show is actually one of the state’s best kept secrets for foodies and entrepreneurs of any ilk. Where else can you get a

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show2023-05-01T13:07:56-04:00

Vote for your 2023 Hatch Detroit final four

What do you get when you combine entrepreneurial ingenuity, capital investment, and a public eager to support new endeavors? The answer is Hatch Detroit. The competition recently announced its Top 10 semi-finalists, and now it’s your turn to weigh in and help determine which new brick and mortar business you most want to see added to the

Vote for your 2023 Hatch Detroit final four2023-04-06T16:29:22-04:00

Sweet Michigan maple weekends return

Michigan maple syrup producers are hoping for another sweet season of tapping trees and boiling sap after producing 190,000 gallons in 2022 (up from 150,000 gallons in 2021), according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In 2019, Michigan produced 195,000 gallons – the highest amount on record. To celebrate Michigan’s oldest agricultural activity, 18 members

Sweet Michigan maple weekends return2023-03-06T16:31:10-05:00

8 local authors among 2023 Michigan Notable Book honorees

March is National Reading Month so it’s an excellent time to highlight works from local authors that have earned the distinction of a 2023 Michigan Notable Book. Every year the Library of Michigan selects up to twenty of the most notable books. Each is either about, or set in, Michigan, or written by a Michigan author. Selections

8 local authors among 2023 Michigan Notable Book honorees2023-03-03T08:31:25-05:00

10 places in Michigan everyone should visit at least once

There’s a new year upon us, which presents an opportunity for some exciting travel goals. Fortunately, Michigan is a state that is ripe with opportunity. Whether you live in the state and want to go exploring, or are traveling from afar, these unique destinations are so spectacular, they should be on any traveler’s bucket list. Here are

10 places in Michigan everyone should visit at least once2023-01-06T07:38:01-05:00

8 great ways to be an active part of Buy Michigan Now

The year was 2007, and Michigan’s economy was decimated. People were losing jobs left and right. Businesses were folding. Homes were being foreclosed upon. I wanted to do something to help, but wasn’t sure what. Eventually I took a trip to South Africa that changed everything. Afterwards, I decided to start paying attention to where my dollars

8 great ways to be an active part of Buy Michigan Now2022-11-23T13:39:18-05:00

Floating Citadel joins Detroit cityscape

A striking new piece of art now adorns Detroit’s cityscape. It is the result of an extensive search that started when the convention building was called TCF Center, and ended after it became Huntington Place. The outdoor sculpture highlights the main circle drive near the entrance. Called Floating Citadel, it is the inspiration of local artist Scott

Floating Citadel joins Detroit cityscape2022-09-09T12:30:17-04:00

Hatch Detroit announces finalists

After 7 years in Chicago, attorney Nick Gorga, moved back to Detroit. He knew he wanted to help revitalize the city. Over a decade later, what started out as an idea captured on a cocktail napkin, is now a thriving economic development program called Hatch Detroit. The organization was founded in 2011 with the intention of giving

Hatch Detroit announces finalists2022-07-06T10:22:37-04:00

Busch’s launches food drive for area children

According to Feeding America, 1,299,020 people in Michigan are facing hunger, and 305,190 of them are children. The need for children becomes even more drastic as the academic year comes to a close, and many meals provided through schools become unavailable. That is the driving force behind a food drive by Busch’s Fresh Food Market that is running from

Busch’s launches food drive for area children2022-05-01T09:31:26-04:00

11 local authors earn 2022 Michigan Notable Book honors

Each year, the Michigan Notable Book (MNB) list features 20 books. Each is about, or set in, Michigan, or written by a Michigan author. They are published during the previous calendar year. Selections include a variety of genres, both fiction and nonfiction . They appeal to many audiences and explore topics and issues close to the hearts

11 local authors earn 2022 Michigan Notable Book honors2022-09-08T20:51:50-04:00

16 Michigan communities receive park improvement grants

Governor Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced today that 16 communities were awarded a 2021 Recreation Passport grant. The Recreation Passport grant program started 11 years ago. It aims to boost visitation and funding for Michigan's state parks as well as local, community parks and trails. This year’s grants include a total investment

16 Michigan communities receive park improvement grants2022-03-02T07:54:31-05:00
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