(East Lansing, Mich) Buy Michigan Now is visiting Michigan State’s campus on Wednesday, Oct. 28th. The purpose is to ask students, faculty, and area residents to show support for local businesses. They may do so, for example, by adding their names to the organization’s pledge.

The pledge drive will be on campus from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students will be at the Rock, Wells Hall, and the Communication Arts and Science building. Volunteers will collect names of supporters. Participants can taste Rip It Energy Fuel by Faygo, and try to win prizes. Correctly answering questions about Michigan may result in a prize, for example.


Buy Michigan Now was started in 2007 by Michigan State grad, Lisa Diggs.

“We are so excited to be spreading our message at MSU,” said Diggs. ” The university has shown great leadership when it comes to helping revitalize our state’s economy; however, this is an opportunity for individual students to get directly involved. They can demonstrate their own personal commitment to bringing more jobs to Michigan.”

The Pledge

The pledge, which has already inspired more than 3,000 supporters, reads: “I hereby pledge to play an active role in building a strong, vibrant, and diverse Michigan economy. I will be a part of the solution by speaking positively about the state, learning about our products and services, and making a concerted effort to buy from Michigan businesses. I will Think Michigan First!”

Diggs added, “Every person who adds their name in support of this unique pledge drive is helping us send a strong message to Michigan businesses that we are serious about supporting them with our dollars if they are serious about keeping and adding jobs here in Michigan.”

More Information

Visit the Buy Michigan Now website to learn more about the movement, the pledge, and participating businesses.

Contact: Christina Capoferi, MSU Hubbell Connections, 586-506-5626, hubbellconnections@gmail.com

Author: bmnadmin