Michigan has played an incredible role in the survival of our nation and in the progression of the world. It was a last stop on the Underground Railroad, and nearly 90,000 Michiganders fought for the Union Army. Henry Ford’s assembly line and generous wages changed the way goods are produced. Detroit put the world on wheels and became the Arsenal of Democracy during World War II. Hitsville USA created the soundtrack of the 60s and 70s and factory workers fought for rights that nearly every American worker enjoys today.

Michigan’s Economic History

18th Century

It’s hard to believe that something that happened over ten thousand years ago, could have a significant affect on the economy today, but that is absolutely true in the case of what is now known

19th Century

The 19th century was marked by transportation advancements in and around the Great Lakes, and an unprecedented increase in population. At the start of the century there were less than 5,000 documented residents in the

20th Century

The 1900s was an era of remarkable change. It saw the world at war, mankind landing on the moon, and the creation of the Internet. Events like those forever changed the world, and certainly impacted

21st Century

In many ways the 21st century in Michigan has been driven by a need to recover, revitalize, and reinvent. At the start of the millennium the state was plagued with many challenges brought on by

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

Stevie Wonder’s Songs in the Key of Life is released by Motown

Make Room for Daddy starring Michigan native, Danny Thomas, premieres

Hank Greenberg hits grand slam in 9th inning to clinch the pennant

First production of Ford Model T Ford is completed

Cornerstone is laid for current capitol building in Lansing

Somewhere in Time, set on Mackinac Island, is released

Dick Tracy make his first appearance in the Detroit Daily Mirror

What is now Eastern Michigan University is dedicated in 1852

Detroit Lions play first regualr season game in Pontiac Silverdome

Ford’s Highland Park factory runs with moving assembly line

Wildfires kill hundreds across Michigan in 1871

First football game at Navin Field, later known as Tiger Stadium

“Real McCoy” Inventor Elijah McCoy dies in 1929

SNL debuts on NBC starring Detroit native, Gilda Radner

Detroit radio station fuels rumor Paul McCartney is dead

World’s largest expo center, Cobo Hall, opens in Detroit

President Kennedy proposes Peace Corps during U of M speech

Gerald Ford, marries Betty Bloomer in Grand Rapids

Detroit Red Wing rookie Gordie Howe scores 1st goal

President William McKinley visits Three Oaks in 1899

Pistons beat Knicks in 1st NBA game with all African-Americans

Thomas Edison tours Menlo Park at Greenfield Village in 1929

Sojourner Truth becomes 1st inductee in MI Women’s Hall of Fame

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is established in 1970

The Supremes become 1st female group to have a #1 album

Detroit Lion, Mel Gray becomes all-time NFL kickoff return leader

Houdini performs for last time and dies days later in Detroit

WWJ does first Michigan football live broadcast from a stadium

Erie Canal officially opens in 1825

New Grand Rapids Amtrak Station is dedicated in 2014

Stevie Wonder releases album that earns 1st Grammy

Detroit Red Win Gordie Howe first dons #9 jersey

Isiah Thomas plays first game for the Detroit Pistons

Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge opens to traffic

First vehicles cross the Mackinac Bridge in 1957

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