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5 unique snacks you just have to try

The season of road trips, picnics, and beach days is upon us. What better time than now to up your snack game? These unique options will tantalize your palate and perhaps even surprise a guest or two. Original Cinnful Crunch When I was a kid I absolutely loved buttered toast, topped with cinnamon and sugar. It was

5 unique snacks you just have to try2020-03-04T15:09:15-05:00

Family recipe sparks delectable adventure

Throughout the years of running this campaign I’ve met many food producers across the state with remarkably similar origin stories. It all starts with a phenomenal family recipe, followed by the encouragement of loved ones, and then some innovative twists of their own. Granny’s Confections in Howell is no exception to this path to success. In their case it

Family recipe sparks delectable adventure2020-03-04T15:09:43-05:00

Why I got into beekeeping

The origin of my business, Sunrise Side Honey, LLC, goes way back to when I was a kid, growing up spending most of my summers all across the great state of Michigan. Outdoor activities have and always will be a part of my life and because of that, beekeeping just seemed like a natural progression that could achieve

Why I got into beekeeping2020-03-04T14:57:14-05:00

Michigan’s 2019 James Beard semi-finalists

America just shined its spotlight on the Academy Awards, and now it turns toward the “Oscars” of the food industry, otherwise known as the James Beard Awards. These culinary accolades seek to honor the skill and expertise of top chefs and restaurants across the nation each year. The process begins in mid-October of the preceding year when

Michigan’s 2019 James Beard semi-finalists2020-03-04T14:53:06-05:00

Kellogg’s introduces whimsical new cereal for Easter season.

There are several sure signs that spring is around the corner: the Detroit Tigers report to Florida for training camp, crocuses start to burst through the snow, and Peeps candies begin to appear on store shelves all over the place. Most commonly in the form of little yellow chicks, the soft marshmallow treats have been around for

Kellogg’s introduces whimsical new cereal for Easter season.2020-03-04T14:55:19-05:00

Michigan maple weekends are back

Long before European settlers came to Michigan, maple syrup was an agricultural staple. The spring thaw would start sap flowing, and Native Americans tapped the trees to collect the sap then boiled it down to create sweet syrup. While the process has remained essentially the same, most makers employ more advanced equipment during the boiling process than

Michigan maple weekends are back2020-03-04T14:55:36-05:00

Highlights of MSU’s 2018 Making It In Michigan Conference

Each November, the MSU Product Center, part of Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, brings together food producers, buyers, and representatives from supporting entities for Making It In Michigan. Part trade show expo and part educational conference, the Lansing event seeks to advance the success of agricultural-related endeavors in the state. The 2018 gathering is now

Highlights of MSU’s 2018 Making It In Michigan Conference2018-12-17T09:09:24-05:00

Corridor Sausage lands in Kroger stores

Chefs Will Branch and Zachary Klein first met in what is now known as Midtown in Detroit, but back then the area was more commonly known as “Cass Corridor.” Thus, when the two decided to team up and start making sausage, it seemed only natural to name their company Corridor Sausage. The pair has come a long

Corridor Sausage lands in Kroger stores2020-03-04T14:43:13-05:00

Uncle Ray’s to remain official potato chip of Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball fans may need to change these familiar lyrics, “Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park, buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don’t care if I never get back,” to include Uncle Ray’s chips. The league announced yesterday that it has renewed its partnership with Detroit-based Uncle Ray's as

Uncle Ray’s to remain official potato chip of Minor League Baseball2020-03-04T14:45:02-05:00

Los Angeleno recommends her BMNFest favorites

I'm sitting on a plane, listening to the list of snack options being presented to me by my American Airlines attendant, turning them all down, knowing I have something with me that's even better.  Rosted Spicy Crunchy Lentils. Otherwise known as My Latest Obsession. Have you had these things? They are crunchy, spicy, tasty goodness in a snack-sized

Los Angeleno recommends her BMNFest favorites2020-03-04T14:34:42-05:00

$100,000 Awarded to ten healthy food enterprises

Michigan is fortunate to have the resources to grow an abundance of healthy foods. Yet, residents of the state, particularly in urban areas, do not always have access to that bounty. In its latest effort to make healthy food more accessible, the Michigan Good Food Fund recently awarded $10,000 to each of ten conscientious food enterprises throughout

$100,000 Awarded to ten healthy food enterprises2020-03-04T14:36:34-05:00

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus celebrates 50 Years

If you’ve ever been to Frankenmuth, especially with kids, chances are you recognize the iconic Cheese Haus mouse. Thousands of families have stopped to see him for what used to be a photo opportunity, but is now better known as a selfie. Most, then wandered into the famous shop, which may well be why it’s celebrating 50

Frankenmuth Cheese Haus celebrates 50 Years2020-03-04T14:33:15-05:00

Kalamazoo’s Can-Do Kitchen creates new scholarships

About twelve years ago, while working at a co-op in Kalamazoo, Lucy Dilley began to recognize a need in the community for a shared-use, commercial kitchen. It seemed like a good business opportunity, but research led her in a slightly different direction. It dawned on her that what she really had was a social mission, and soon,

Kalamazoo’s Can-Do Kitchen creates new scholarships2020-03-04T14:19:31-05:00

FEAST opens to elevate Michigan food companies to next level

A small business owner who designed and made jewelry once told me the greatest business decision she ever made was to turn down the opportunity to have a product included as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” This shocked other people in the room. First, it was the idea that she had been asked, then the thought that

FEAST opens to elevate Michigan food companies to next level2020-03-04T14:22:24-05:00

Hudsonville Ice Cream brings simplicity back

For those of us who partake, ice cream is truly one of life’s simple pleasures. In recent years, while the flavors have grown increasingly varied, many of the formulas have grown complex. Questions have arisen about ingredients, and in particular many people have grown concerned over the presence of rBST, a growth hormone commonly found in several

Hudsonville Ice Cream brings simplicity back2020-03-04T14:09:08-05:00
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