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Michigan’s best paczki destinations

In some places Fat Tuesday is also known as Mardi Gras, but here in Michigan, it is more widely nicknamed Paczki Day. Once common only in the Detroit area, particularly in Hamtramck, the tradition has caught on around the state, and this year will be celebrated on February 13. Place orders in advance, or risk standing in

Michigan’s best paczki destinations2024-02-01T14:59:54-05:00

Serve Michigan goodness for Thanksgiving

If you’re going to find yourself in a grocery store buying food to entertain family and friends this month, you are certainly not alone. Most of us tend to eat more during the holiday season, so it stands to reason more money will be spent on food and beverages. An upside to all of that indulgence is

Serve Michigan goodness for Thanksgiving2023-11-03T12:12:40-04:00

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills

To most locals, it simply isn’t fall in Michigan until we’ve visited a cider mill. Of course that unbeatable combination of cider and donuts is a huge part of the draw, but I think it’s more than that. There is something about the setting as well, that nourishes our souls while the other stuff fills our bellies.

The quiet magic of Michigan cider mills2023-10-05T22:50:30-04:00

Cherry products that you’ll adore

Cherries are in season! It's a great time to think about all the incredibly delicious and unique ways our state has found to incorporate them into food and drink. This fruit is not only spectacular for our economy, it's also exceptionally tasty and diverse. You'll find them in a wide  range of scrumptious products from savory to

Cherry products that you’ll adore2023-07-05T16:04:04-04:00

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show

On the surface, the MSU Product Center’s annual Making It In Michigan conference and trade show may seem like an event that is just for people with agricultural-based businesses to attend. Yet, the trade show is actually one of the state’s best kept secrets for foodies and entrepreneurs of any ilk. Where else can you get a

Our 6 favorite finds at Making It In Michigan show2023-05-01T13:07:56-04:00

Sweet Michigan maple weekends return

Michigan maple syrup producers are hoping for another sweet season of tapping trees and boiling sap after producing 190,000 gallons in 2022 (up from 150,000 gallons in 2021), according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). In 2019, Michigan produced 195,000 gallons – the highest amount on record. To celebrate Michigan’s oldest agricultural activity, 18 members

Sweet Michigan maple weekends return2023-03-06T16:31:10-05:00

10 of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan

February may be the month for romance, but these dining spots will warm your heart any time of year. Michigan has no shortage of delectable dining options, but if you’re looking for a romantic dinner with someone special, we’ve identified an array of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan. Each provides not just delicious food, but ambience

10 of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan2023-02-03T23:23:20-05:00

Test your apple knowledge

Fall means a lot of wonderful things in Michigan, not the least of which is a great influx of fresh, crisp apples.  Home to over 14.9 million apple trees, the state ranks third in the U.S. (behind only Washington & New York) for apple production. Apples are in fact, Michigan's most valuable fruit crop. You can bake

Test your apple knowledge2022-10-07T10:06:24-04:00

Top 10 tips for picking your own apples

We're just starting to experience crisp cool air, but crisp, fresh apples on the other hand, are already available. Michigan is the nation's third highest apple-growing state, behind only Washington and New York. USApple estimates that our farmers will produce nearly 30 million apples this year, so chances are there's an orchard near you. September and October

Top 10 tips for picking your own apples2022-09-13T15:11:34-04:00

Taste the Local Difference publishes 2022 food guide

Since 2015, Taste the Local Difference has been publishing an annual food guide focused on the bounty available in our state. If you're curious about past editions, you can peruse digital versions here. Meanwhile, the Traverse City-based marketing and food consulting agency is prepping to release its 2022 edition. The 100-page magazine celebrates Michigan’s local food culture

Taste the Local Difference publishes 2022 food guide2022-05-31T23:45:10-04:00

Busch’s launches food drive for area children

According to Feeding America, 1,299,020 people in Michigan are facing hunger, and 305,190 of them are children. The need for children becomes even more drastic as the academic year comes to a close, and many meals provided through schools become unavailable. That is the driving force behind a food drive by Busch’s Fresh Food Market that is running from

Busch’s launches food drive for area children2022-05-01T09:31:26-04:00

Add a taste of Michigan to your Easter basket

When I was a little girl, the Easter Bunny always seemed to have a partnership with Sanders, as was reflected in my basket. I was a Detroit kid, so naturally that made sense. Luckily, our favorite furry friend of spring seems to have an excellent relationship with several companies throughout the state. In case you’re looking to

Add a taste of Michigan to your Easter basket2022-04-08T00:23:33-04:00

Michigan Maple Syrup Weekends return

Each spring, as the days get longer and the temperatures begin to rise, Michiganders head out into the woods to take part in the state’s oldest agricultural activity…tapping maple trees for sap to be turned into mouth-watering maple syrup, candies and other sweet treats. This year, 24 members of the Michigan Maple Syrup Association (spread out throughout

Michigan Maple Syrup Weekends return2022-03-02T18:33:57-05:00

8 pumpkin products products you’ll love

At this time of year, you can find them for sale around nearly every corner. That’s because we love Halloween, but also because Michigan farmers grow nearly 80 million pounds of pumpkins each year. You can carve them, roast the seeds, toss some in a smoothie, make soup, and a myriad of other things. Of course, lots

8 pumpkin products products you’ll love2021-10-01T08:07:27-04:00

10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown

When travelers cross the Ambassador Bridge into the United States, they land immediately in Mexicantown. I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit amusing. Can’t help but wonder if it has ever confused anyone to be greeted by Mexican flags when entering the U.S. Unfortunately, these days, there are less people crossing that border.

10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown2021-09-06T14:34:18-04:00

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip

Summer wouldn’t be the same without indulging in some sweet, cold, creamy, decadent treats, but how far would you go to satisfy a craving for creamy, dreamy, greatness? Whether you prefer a cup or a cone, vanilla or chocolate, toppings or plain, these little shops are waiting to delight you, and they are worthy of a road

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip2021-07-08T12:46:52-04:00

Discover Michigan’s cheesiest trail

Wisconsin may be known for as the land of Cheeseheads, but that doesn’t mean it’s cornered the market on making or selling cheese, glorious cheese. In fact, it should come as no surprise that a state with well over 1,200 dairy farms, there is in fact, a Michigan cheese trail. If you are a cheese lover, then

Discover Michigan’s cheesiest trail2021-08-24T22:52:37-04:00

Michigan’s Super Bowl specialties

Finally, an American "holiday" is coming along during the pandemic that is literally built around watching TV and eating. Super Bowl Sunday should not only prove to be entertaining with the battle of the rising superstar quarterback VS the greatest of all time, but it also affords us an excellent opportunity to support local businesses while chowing

Michigan’s Super Bowl specialties2021-02-06T11:07:56-05:00

New Michigan-themed digital cookbook released

Perhaps the only thing that can make Michigan’s agricultural products and inventive locally-produced foods even more tantalizing is when talented chefs combine them and take them to a masterful new level. That’s what makes Taste the Local Difference’s (TLD)new digital cookbook such an exciting addition to Michigan’s foodie culture. The Traverse city-based local food marketing company has

New Michigan-themed digital cookbook released2020-09-02T17:31:18-04:00

Up your summer grill game

Whether it’s a charcoal hibachi at the beach or firing up a gas-powered beast in the backyard, summer is definitely grill season in Michigan. With many of us lounging more at home this year, there’s never been a better time to up your grill game. Here are some flavorful suggestions. Fish Grilled fish is a really healthy

Up your summer grill game2020-07-26T22:37:10-04:00

Six scoops of uniquely Michigan ice cream

There are few things more refreshing and decadent on a hot summer day than a sweet, creamy, scrumptious scoop of ice cream. Summer road trips often include stops at great joints like Marion’s Dairy Bar in East Tawas, House of Flavors in Ludington, Roaring 20’s in Flushing, The Frozen Flamingo in Munising, and of course the aptly-entitled

Six scoops of uniquely Michigan ice cream2020-07-29T10:16:02-04:00

10 gifts that will make your dad’s day

June means it’s time to turn our attention toward the contribution of the dads and father figures in our lives. These days, when many of us have had to be apart, this holiday has some extra significance. It is also a more important year than ever to thank your dad with gifts that keep dollars close to

10 gifts that will make your dad’s day2020-06-10T16:31:05-04:00

Honoring mom while spending locally

Like most things these days, this will be an especially interesting Mother’s Day. Some families that are usually apart on that day have been quarantined together, while others who are typically able to spend the day together, will be separated for safety. Regardless of circumstance, there are several wonderful ways you can honor mom, while staying safe,

Honoring mom while spending locally2020-05-08T10:53:16-04:00

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will take a toll on our economy, but we can work together to minimize the negative impact. Place carryout orders from local restaurants One of the easiest ways to help, and let’s face it, give yourself a break too, is to pick up a curbside carry-out from your favorite

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times2020-04-22T16:07:17-04:00
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