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GETTEES to open flagship store in Detroit’s Eastern Market

When most people think of Detroit’s Eastern Market, they think of food, and for good reason. The market has been the city’s premier site for the buying and selling of fresh, flavorful, local foods for well over a century and a half. However, to think only of scrumptious morsels when visiting the district is to under appreciate

GETTEES to open flagship store in Detroit’s Eastern Market2020-03-04T15:11:39-05:00

5 unique snacks you just have to try

The season of road trips, picnics, and beach days is upon us. What better time than now to up your snack game? These unique options will tantalize your palate and perhaps even surprise a guest or two. Original Cinnful Crunch When I was a kid I absolutely loved buttered toast, topped with cinnamon and sugar. It was

5 unique snacks you just have to try2020-03-04T15:09:15-05:00

Family recipe sparks delectable adventure

Throughout the years of running this campaign I’ve met many food producers across the state with remarkably similar origin stories. It all starts with a phenomenal family recipe, followed by the encouragement of loved ones, and then some innovative twists of their own. Granny’s Confections in Howell is no exception to this path to success. In their case it

Family recipe sparks delectable adventure2020-03-04T15:09:43-05:00

Why I got into beekeeping

The origin of my business, Sunrise Side Honey, LLC, goes way back to when I was a kid, growing up spending most of my summers all across the great state of Michigan. Outdoor activities have and always will be a part of my life and because of that, beekeeping just seemed like a natural progression that could achieve

Why I got into beekeeping2020-03-04T14:57:14-05:00

Michigan distillers capture 9 medals in national competition

The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), has announced the winners of its Sixth Annual Judging of Craft Spirits. The annual Awards marked the official opening day of the 2019 ACSA Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michigan distillers captured nine medals. According to ACSA, the competition received nearly 500 entries from 38 states and

Michigan distillers capture 9 medals in national competition2020-03-04T14:54:50-05:00

Highlights of MSU’s 2018 Making It In Michigan Conference

Each November, the MSU Product Center, part of Michigan State University’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, brings together food producers, buyers, and representatives from supporting entities for Making It In Michigan. Part trade show expo and part educational conference, the Lansing event seeks to advance the success of agricultural-related endeavors in the state. The 2018 gathering is now

Highlights of MSU’s 2018 Making It In Michigan Conference2018-12-17T09:09:24-05:00

The delectable brews of fall

Welcoming a new season isn't just about a change in weather, it also brings welcome changes that are sure to please the palate. For example, it turns out that pumpkin and autumnal spices can taste just as enjoyable in a pilsner glass as they do in a coffee mug. Check out some of Michigan’s most revered beers

The delectable brews of fall2020-03-04T14:42:02-05:00

Cadillac headquarters to return to Motor City

Following a trend of ongoing good news for Detroit’s automotive sector, Cadillac is relocating its headquarters to the Motor City, or more accurately, to Warren. News of the decision was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, and has since been confirmed. GM’s luxury brand moved its headquarters to New York City four years ago. While the move

Cadillac headquarters to return to Motor City2020-03-04T14:42:31-05:00

Corridor Sausage lands in Kroger stores

Chefs Will Branch and Zachary Klein first met in what is now known as Midtown in Detroit, but back then the area was more commonly known as “Cass Corridor.” Thus, when the two decided to team up and start making sausage, it seemed only natural to name their company Corridor Sausage. The pair has come a long

Corridor Sausage lands in Kroger stores2020-03-04T14:43:13-05:00

Design, innovation & manufacturing to be focus of Detroit Homecoming

Some of them lived here decades ago, for others it has just been a couple of years. Some lived right in Detroit, others grew up in the ‘burbs. They are diverse in years, backgrounds, ethnicities, yet they have three very important things in common: 1. They have become successful in their chosen professions; 2. They consider the

Design, innovation & manufacturing to be focus of Detroit Homecoming2020-03-04T14:43:57-05:00

Founders to offer bottles of popular MF Donkey Stout

One of my favorite occurrences is when two great Michigan companies partner together to create a unique and exceptional product. Such is the case with the collaboration between Grand Rapids neighbors, Founders Brewing Company and Ferris Coffee & Nut, that resulted in the production of MF Donkey Stout. The product has been around a well-received for a

Founders to offer bottles of popular MF Donkey Stout2020-03-04T14:44:15-05:00

Uncle Ray’s to remain official potato chip of Minor League Baseball

Minor League Baseball fans may need to change these familiar lyrics, “Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the park, buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don’t care if I never get back,” to include Uncle Ray’s chips. The league announced yesterday that it has renewed its partnership with Detroit-based Uncle Ray's as

Uncle Ray’s to remain official potato chip of Minor League Baseball2020-03-04T14:45:02-05:00

Jeep rolls out new loyalty program

Once upon a time, vehicle brand loyalty was tied very much to the human side of the car business, especially here in Michigan. If your dad worked for Ford, you bought Ford. If you liked your saleswoman at the Dodge dealership, you went back to her to buy or lease another Dodge. As time has gone on,

Jeep rolls out new loyalty program2020-03-04T14:31:12-05:00

Ford returns the movie star Mustang to the public eye

Movie fans and car aficionados often unite when it comes to their feelings about a certain Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT fastback. The car was driven by Steve McQueen in what many consider the greatest car chase scene in movie history through the streets of San Francisco in Bullitt. The Mystery Begins Back then cars that

Ford returns the movie star Mustang to the public eye2022-09-08T14:04:29-04:00

FEAST opens to elevate Michigan food companies to next level

A small business owner who designed and made jewelry once told me the greatest business decision she ever made was to turn down the opportunity to have a product included as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” This shocked other people in the room. First, it was the idea that she had been asked, then the thought that

FEAST opens to elevate Michigan food companies to next level2020-03-04T14:22:24-05:00

Motor City Paint bringing big boost to local economy

After 47 years in business, Shelby Paint & Decorating, which has retail locations in Rochester Hills and Grosse Pointe Woods and Shelby Township, recently made a product shift that has the potential to add $1.5 million a year into the local economy. The company partnered with Lansing-based O’Leary Paints, which has been in the industry since 1891,

Motor City Paint bringing big boost to local economy2020-03-04T14:22:57-05:00

High school student wins entrepreneur contest

The winner of this year’s Up & Coming Entrepreneur Contest, is Jackson Riegler, a 17-year old senior, football player, and honors student at Muskegon Catholic Central High School. Riegler started Oshki, an apparel company, in July of this year. He funded it entirely with his own money from a landscaping job, and had over $9,000 in sales in

High school student wins entrepreneur contest2020-03-04T14:11:10-05:00

10 Michigan-made gifts ideas for Dad

Americans are expected to spend nearly $14.3 billion celebrating their fathers this year. Keeping those dollars close to home creates an enormous economic opportunity for our state. There are a multitude of ways to salute dad with locally-produced gifts, and we’ve highlighted ten to get your wheels turning. Detroit Train Depot Tie There’s no more traditional Father’s

10 Michigan-made gifts ideas for Dad2020-03-04T14:13:15-05:00

Michigan-made gifts for grads

All over the state kids are donning caps and gowns while the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance fill the air. Next come the graduation parties and the inevitable gifts. Sure, there’s always cash in a card, but if you want to give something memorable that also helps the local economy, there are a surprising amount of unique

Michigan-made gifts for grads2020-03-04T14:14:28-05:00

Epiphany Glass Studio collaborates to earn international recognition

April Wagner, owner of Pontiac’s Epiphany Glass Studio, partnered with Miami-based design firm Britto Charette, to craft an award-winning glass vessel. The piece is designed by Jay Britto and former Detroiter David Charette. Called Puquios, it won one of Interior Design magazine’s 2016 Best of Year awards. More than 2000 entrants from 38 countries vied for the

Epiphany Glass Studio collaborates to earn international recognition2022-09-08T13:50:08-04:00

Royal Glassmakers keep tradition alive

If your summer included a visit to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, you might be surprised to discover that the Royal Glassmakers are not part of some national traveling troop. They are in fact part of a team of artisans frequently working out of a studio in Dearborn, Michigan called The Glass Academy. Glass Academy History Husband and

Royal Glassmakers keep tradition alive2022-09-06T17:06:53-04:00

Gift ideas for Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday June 19th, and, according to the National Retail Federation, spending is expected to reach $12.7 billion. We want to make sure Michigan gets as big a piece of that money pie as possible. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and help you keep your Dad’s Day

Gift ideas for Dad’s Day2020-03-04T14:04:23-05:00

Livonia company aims to blow away the flu

This has been a particularly brutal cold and flu season, but hope is on the horizon. There is one relatively new Michigan-made product that can really help us protect ourselves from the spread of germs and disease. It’s the Extreme Air CPC from Livonia-based American Dryer. The Extreme Air CPC is an automated hand dryer like you

Livonia company aims to blow away the flu2020-03-04T14:10:19-05:00
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