10 places in Michigan everyone should visit at least once

There’s a new year upon us, which presents an opportunity for some exciting travel goals. Fortunately, Michigan is a state that is ripe with opportunity. Whether you live in the state and want to go exploring, or are traveling from afar, these unique destinations are so spectacular, they should be on any traveler’s bucket list. Here are

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What can YOU do to revitalize Michigan’s economy?

Our state, like most of the world, is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic both from a health perspective and an economic one. Many small businesses in particular have been devastated by closures, supply chain issues, and ongoing employment challenges. With so many global events affecting us, it can feel like there isn’t much that

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12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip

Summer wouldn’t be the same without indulging in some sweet, cold, creamy, decadent treats, but how far would you go to satisfy a craving for creamy, dreamy, greatness? Whether you prefer a cup or a cone, vanilla or chocolate, toppings or plain, these little shops are waiting to delight you, and they are worthy of a road

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Southwest Michigan

West Michigan has long been a preferred destination for Michigan artists and food producers. In fact, the area around Saugatuck and Douglas is sometimes referred to as the art coast. The following shops make a point of highlighting Michigan-made products and art. C2C Gallery (Grand Haven) 104 Washington Ave. Grand Haven , MI 49417 616-935-7337 https://c2cgallery.com  Downtown

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Upper Peninsula

There are a lot fewer big box stores and national chains in the Upper Peninsula than in most of the rest of the state so it's easier to buy from local, independent entities. Some also really make a point of stocking Michigan-made products like those featured here. Downtown Art Place (Ironwood) 111 E. Aurora St. Ironwood, MI

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Examining the legacy of Selfridge Air Base

America’s Number One Hornet’s Nest. Home of Generals. Home of the MiG Killers. These are all nicknames for a historic military base in Michigan. The Selfridge Air National Guard Base, formerly known as Selfridge Field, has been an important training ground for our troops since World War I. Today, it hosts many of our nation’s military units,

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Michigan quickly becoming known as Arsenal of Health

During World War II, Detroit became known as the Arsenal of Democracy based on the incredible efforts of automotive companies to step up and support the war effort with planes, tanks, and other equipment. Today, Michigan is quickly becoming known as the Arsenal of Health with well over six hundred companies, large and small, retooling and ramping

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Be Helpful

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we need to be of service to one another. Here are some ways you can be of help. Donate Blood Volunteer

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10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will take a toll on our economy, but we can work together to minimize the negative impact. Place carryout orders from local restaurants One of the easiest ways to help, and let’s face it, give yourself a break too, is to pick up a curbside carry-out from your favorite

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The founding of Holland, Michigan

Beaches. Lighthouses. Tulip Time. Dutch Village and Windmill Island. Hope College. The birth of WWJD Bracelets. City of Churches. The Felt House. Civic Theatre. An awesome Civil War muster in the fall at Van Raalte Park. Most Michiganders know the city that includes all of these things--Holland. Located on the shores of Lake Macatawa and just minutes

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Michigan: first in and first out of Prohibition

The month of May marks the anniversary of Michigan Prohibition, which began on May 1, 1917. “But wait," say those of you who know your Constitutional History. “Prohibition was the 18th Amendment and that took effect on January 17, 1920.” Well, my friends, the state of Michigan, which is now home to Beer City USA, passed a prohibition

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Large MI-Based Manufacturers

Manufacturing is alive and well in the great state of Michigan. Many local companies have grown to include a global presence; yet, are still rooted in their hometowns. Here are twenty examples of companies based in Michigan that make a wide range of products, while employing a local workforce. American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) – Detroit AAM

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DNR auction of surplus public land starts Dec. 11

Eighty-one individual land parcels in Michigan, ranging in size from less than an acre to 160 acres, will be available for sale by sealed-bid auction starting Tuesday, Dec. 11. The auction is part of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ overall strategy to efficiently manage public lands while maximizing outdoor recreation opportunities. Bids will be accepted through

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How a Michigan man became a WWII veteran of two countries

With this being the month of November, I thought it appropriate to write an article about a hometown veteran. To me, the story of Joseph Beyrle is made for Hollywood. Joe was an American soldier who was given accolades by both the United States and the Soviet Union. He was a hero who deserves to have his

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7 spooktacular Michigan destinations

October in Michigan is about more than cider and corn mazes, when we embrace fear in its many forms. From the abundance of scary movies on TV to the costume shops in every other strip mall, to the haunted houses that seem to pop up in most towns…it is obvious that Halloween is right around the corner.

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10 Ways to celebrate Buy Michigan Week

Did you know that if every Michigan household shifted just $10 of our weekly spending to Michigan-made products collectively we would put around $38 million a week back into our local economy? That’s nearly $2 billion a year. All politics aside, this is a way that we can each participate in true job creation. This week, July 30-August

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18th Century

It’s hard to believe that something that happened over ten thousand years ago, could have a significant affect on the economy today, but that is absolutely true in the case of what is now known as the state known as Michigan. While it is difficult to imagine now, Michigan was once buried beneath ice that was nearly a

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19th Century

The 19th century was marked by transportation advancements in and around the Great Lakes, and an unprecedented increase in population. At the start of the century there were less than 5,000 documented residents in the Michigan territory. A hundred years later, the state would be home to a remarkable 2.5 million inhabitants. The completion in 1825 of

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20th Century

The 1900s was an era of remarkable change. It saw the world at war, mankind landing on the moon, and the creation of the Internet. Events like those forever changed the world, and certainly impacted Michigan’s key economic contributors. Lumber, copper, and iron, which were kings in the 1800s, became increasingly less significant. Trains, which were critical

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21st Century

In many ways the 21st century in Michigan has been driven by a need to recover, revitalize, and reinvent. At the start of the millennium the state was plagued with many challenges brought on by the negative biproducts of the industrial era like an aging infrastructure and water pollutants. The nation struggled with an epic financial crisis.

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