Best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s in Michigan

It’s unlikely that you’ll spot any actual leprechauns, or even stumble across a four-leaved clover, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in our state. In fact, it was once a single day commemorating the arrival of St Patrick and Christianity to Ireland on March 17. However, now it has

Best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s in Michigan2023-03-06T17:08:54-05:00

10 of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan

February may be the month for romance, but these dining spots will warm your heart any time of year. Michigan has no shortage of delectable dining options, but if you’re looking for a romantic dinner with someone special, we’ve identified an array of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan. Each provides not just delicious food, but ambience

10 of the most romantic restaurants in Michigan2023-02-03T23:23:20-05:00

9 memorable ways to kick off the Christmas season

After the past couple of years we’ve had, I’m really looking forward to basking in the joys of the holiday season from start to finish. Each year, Santa seems to start visiting towns earlier and earlier, but this time I’m happy about it. If you are too, and want to start harnessing the Christmas spirit, attend a

9 memorable ways to kick off the Christmas season2022-11-16T10:09:27-05:00

Discovering Michigan’s best hard ciders

As trips to beaches give way to cider mill visits, the craving for the fruits of one of Michigan’s fastest growing industries naturally increases. In recent years, hard cider has become a quintessential component of our craft beverage industry. Stop by a hard cider tasting room, and you'll find it's just as much fun as seeking out

Discovering Michigan’s best hard ciders2022-10-08T16:16:43-04:00

Busch’s launches food drive for area children

According to Feeding America, 1,299,020 people in Michigan are facing hunger, and 305,190 of them are children. The need for children becomes even more drastic as the academic year comes to a close, and many meals provided through schools become unavailable. That is the driving force behind a food drive by Busch’s Fresh Food Market that is running from

Busch’s launches food drive for area children2022-05-01T09:31:26-04:00

10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown

When travelers cross the Ambassador Bridge into the United States, they land immediately in Mexicantown. I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit amusing. Can’t help but wonder if it has ever confused anyone to be greeted by Mexican flags when entering the U.S. Unfortunately, these days, there are less people crossing that border.

10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown2021-09-06T14:34:18-04:00

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip

Summer wouldn’t be the same without indulging in some sweet, cold, creamy, decadent treats, but how far would you go to satisfy a craving for creamy, dreamy, greatness? Whether you prefer a cup or a cone, vanilla or chocolate, toppings or plain, these little shops are waiting to delight you, and they are worthy of a road

12 ice cream shops worthy of a road trip2021-07-08T12:46:52-04:00

Michigan’s 8 notable wine trails

May is Michigan Wine Month and a great time to explore the budding greenery of the countryside. Why not pair your weekend retreat with some fine wine? Michigan’s flourishing grape industry is not only producing more award-winning wines than ever before, it has sprouted a booming addition to our tourism industry. While wineries and tasting rooms can

Michigan’s 8 notable wine trails2021-05-07T12:25:15-04:00

Michigan’s most family-friendly public gardens

After a long winter often filled with gray skies, brown grass, and bare trees, there is something truly spectacular about strolling through a Michigan garden in the spring. While these annual color tours may delight most adults, kids sometimes lose interest part of the way through. That’s why we’ve identified five botanical treasures that will delight your

Michigan’s most family-friendly public gardens2021-05-07T09:58:00-04:00

Discover Michigan’s cheesiest trail

Wisconsin may be known for as the land of Cheeseheads, but that doesn’t mean it’s cornered the market on making or selling cheese, glorious cheese. In fact, it should come as no surprise that a state with well over 1,200 dairy farms, there is in fact, a Michigan cheese trail. If you are a cheese lover, then

Discover Michigan’s cheesiest trail2021-08-24T22:52:37-04:00

Northville adds sizzle to heat up winter dining scene

Since the pandemic hit, a number of cities and towns across the state identified specific areas to provide additional outdoor dining space for their restaurants. Some utilized the sidewalk in front of each eatery, while others did full street closures either for the entire period, or at designated times and days each week. Now, with COVID-numbers rising

Northville adds sizzle to heat up winter dining scene2020-11-15T20:48:52-05:00

Sip and save in the Grand Rapids craft beverage scene

Grand Rapids first made a splash on the craft beverage scene when it was voted Beer City USA in national polls and named Best Beer Town and Best Beer Scene by USA TODAY readers. Nowadays there’s a lot more than just craft beer on tap in its culinary scene. Cider, spirits, and the cocktail creations they inspire, have led to even

Sip and save in the Grand Rapids craft beverage scene2020-10-03T12:26:17-04:00

7 really fun ways to enjoy Buy Michigan Week

It’s a tradition that started in 2009. While we encourage local spending all year long, for one special week each year (July 27-Aug 2, 2020), we ask people to make a more concerted effort to buy and try Michigan-made products; explore independent eateries and boutiques; learn more about local companies; and to share their long-time favorites and

7 really fun ways to enjoy Buy Michigan Week2020-07-26T20:18:37-04:00

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic will take a toll on our economy, but we can work together to minimize the negative impact. Place carryout orders from local restaurants One of the easiest ways to help, and let’s face it, give yourself a break too, is to pick up a curbside carry-out from your favorite

10 ways to help local businesses through these tough times2020-04-22T16:07:17-04:00

12 Michigan honorees are among 2020 James Beard semifinalists

There is perhaps no more prestigious honor in the restaurant world than to be acknowledged by the James Beard Foundation. Today, there are a dozen chefs and eateries in Michigan with reason to celebrate. The foundation has announced its list of Restaurant and Chef Award semifinalists, and Michigan, particularly Detroit, is well-represented. Best New Restaurant: Saffron De

12 Michigan honorees are among 2020 James Beard semifinalists2020-03-04T17:28:53-05:00

Plum Market Kitchen opens at Henry Ford Museum

What was once a small chain of Plum Market grocery shops has gradually expanded into several go-to destinations around Metro Detroit. The latest of these Plum Market Kitchens has now opened in the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. Plum Market Kitchen is a small-format spin-off of the full organics-focused grocery stores with which the company started.

Plum Market Kitchen opens at Henry Ford Museum2020-03-04T13:38:23-05:00

Frankenmuth mouse needs your help to get a name for his birthday

Over the years, the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus has become a Michigan’s Little Bavaria institution. 2018 marked its 50th anniversary, and included a move to a much larger location at 545 S. Main St. Naturally, its most famous resident came along to reside outside the new digs, and now he’s celebrating a big birthday too. I’m speaking, of

Frankenmuth mouse needs your help to get a name for his birthday2020-03-04T13:41:26-05:00

GETTEES to open flagship store in Detroit’s Eastern Market

When most people think of Detroit’s Eastern Market, they think of food, and for good reason. The market has been the city’s premier site for the buying and selling of fresh, flavorful, local foods for well over a century and a half. However, to think only of scrumptious morsels when visiting the district is to under appreciate

GETTEES to open flagship store in Detroit’s Eastern Market2020-03-04T15:11:39-05:00

Join the credit union cash mob and lunch local on Oct 15

Credit Unions have a long history of boosting local businesses and supporting their communities. This month, in celebration of International Credit Union Week, many across our state will be at it again in the form of a lunchtime cash mob. CU Lunch Local will kick off its eighth year of grassroots economic development on October 15, 2019.

Join the credit union cash mob and lunch local on Oct 152020-03-04T15:05:29-05:00

The Lip Bar opens flagship store in Downtown Detroit

Periodically we hear stories of surviving a shark bite, but what if you battle five sharks at the same time? Can you survive? That’s exactly the challenge entrepreneur Melissa Butler faced after her lipstick business was brutally attacked during a 2015 appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary implied that her products amounted to clown makeup, and

The Lip Bar opens flagship store in Downtown Detroit2020-03-04T15:04:04-05:00

Michigan’s 2019 James Beard semi-finalists

America just shined its spotlight on the Academy Awards, and now it turns toward the “Oscars” of the food industry, otherwise known as the James Beard Awards. These culinary accolades seek to honor the skill and expertise of top chefs and restaurants across the nation each year. The process begins in mid-October of the preceding year when

Michigan’s 2019 James Beard semi-finalists2020-03-04T14:53:06-05:00

Meijer introduces drug return kiosks

If you were to open your medicine cabinet right now, chances are high that you would find some vitamins, over-the-counter drugs, or prescription medications that you either no longer need, or can no longer use because they are expired. You would not be alone, but what do you do with them? Grand Rapids-based Meijer, in a continuing

Meijer introduces drug return kiosks2020-03-04T14:54:20-05:00
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